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Tube amp service

Maintenance, repair and checkup of your tube amp is our main activity. 

All kinds of tube amplifiers are welcome for service, whether they are handbuilt or PCB based.

Handbuilt Amplifiers

We build on yearly basis a limited amount of new amps based on original classics.

Do not hesitate to contact us when you are looking for a replica of your favorite 50s of 60s amp.

Tubes, speakers & parts

Dirty Uncle is a full line reseller of all TAD Tubes and Accessoiries.

We offer sharp prices on the full range of the most popular guitar speakers brands like Jensen and Celestion.

We carry the following brands of tubes: Sovtek, EH, Tung-sol, JJ Electronics, TAD, NOS tubes are available upon request.

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Gaversesteenweg 779
9820 Merelbeke

Tel.: +32 (0) 478 77.36.82


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